My trip to The Black Hair Experience

The Black Hair Experience (TBHE) is a pop up experience celebrating black hair. I recently watched a live with the founders of THBE and they were asked to describe their creation in 3 words. After going to the exhibit the three words I would pick to describe it is “black girl joy.” Currently it’s in Atlanta located at 1540 avenue place ste C-180 Atlanta, GA 30329 with plans on heading to DC next year.

Walking up to the experience the windows had beautiful window signs with black women in different hairstyles. Due to covid there is a limit on the amount of people allowed in with masks required and other precautions. I was lucky enough to be the only person in the experience. I bought a $16 tripod/selfie stick from Best Buy on the way because I went by myself. The room was filled with picture worthy props/backgrounds. I know everyone will not have a chance to go so I wanted to describe my experience as best as I can.

The first exhibit was a swing and the chains of the swing were braids. It was so creative. Braids are a staple for every black girl so this swing was on point. I felt like I was in an adult playground specifically tailored for me.

“I am the artwork” was next. It was a mirror with these words written on it. This exhibit was all about self love. On the wall adjacent to this mirror were the words “My hair is not a trend.”

Then came my favorite display. The aesthetic was perfect and I have not seen a bad picture of anyone in front of this display. It had different types of combs and brushes perfectly placed.

The next display was a beauty supply and it was very nostalgic. It had all of the greases and gels, spritz and everything in between. Right beside that was a cute see-saw feating huge hair bows.

Right across the room was a kitchen with a hot comb and crimping iron sitting on the stove. It reminded me of being a child and getting ready for Easter.

Everything was interactive. The opportunities for creating content and creating memories were endless. They had a “my hair is professional” desk set up featuring Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s book.

The magazine cover display reminded me of being in the beauty salon reading magazines under the dryer. There was also natural bingo and a gift shop with the cutest afro picks, merch, and other accessories. I had so much fun being in my own world and going down memory lane.

If you’d like to see a video footage one of my favorite YouTuber’s itsfrostrated did a vlog about her trip to TBHE. To buy tickets check out their website To see more pictures from my experience check out my instagram.

Thanks for reading and I hope you get a chance to go.

Love, Curl Muva