My Review of the African Pride CURLBOX

The African Pride CURLBOX was a great box. It included 6 full size products for $25 shipping included. Overall I would give this product line a 3/5. The prices of the products range from $3-$5 at local pharmacy type stores. I’ve attached amazon links just so you can see the products but I recommend buying from a store for a better price or buying the CURLBOX for a better deal.

The box included African Pride pre-shampoo. I usually use coconut oil as my pre-poo so I was excited to see a pre-made pre-poo. I tried to think about what the pre-poo felt like before I looked at the ingredients. The texture of the pre-poo felt like aloe. One of the ingredients main ingredients is aloe and coconut water. Pre-shampoos help decrease breakage by helping to get the tangles out and helps keep the hair from being stripped of its natural oils.

The honey and coconut oil African pride shampoo cleanses without stripping the hair. The smell is great and the product has great slip. The coconut oil conditions, hydrates and repairs while the honey helps retain moisture and adds shine.

The honey, chocolate, and coconut oil African Pride Moisture Miracle conditioner has a great smell as well. I like the addition of the chocolate. It’s intent is to stimulate hair growth.

The Aloe and Coconut water Curl Defining gel gave me good definition but it also left my hair feeling a little hard. I used too much of the product. A little of the product goes a long way.

The box also came with maximum hold edge styling wax. There was flaking but it was minimal.

I always like to ask myself which product I would buy again to judge what I really liked. If I ran out of any of these I would buy the pre-poo. It is exactly how I would make a pre-poo if it was my product line.

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Day 2 hair using products mentioned above