Aruba 2021 🇦🇼

My husband booked us a trip to Aruba for our 7th wedding anniversary. A few people in my network asked for the rundown of the trip with my recommendations.

We booked through our travel agent. I have her tagged at the end of this blog. She is excellent. We needed covid results to fly out and we had to download them in order to get a “boarding pass into Aruba.” The lines just to drop off bags were very long so I recommend having TSA precheck especially during this pandemic. The lines were long for customs in Aruba as well. I loved the Renaissance Marina hotel.  The all inclusive package is worth it. You have access to more than 5 restaurants with unlimited drinks. There are two other Renaissance properties with pools and amenities. The Renaissance hotel has its own flamingo beach which is another great amenity to have along with a Starbucks in the lobby, a gym and luxury shopping connected to it. There is a water taxi that will come to the hotel lobby to take you to the beach. That runs every 15 minutes. 

We took a tour of the island with Fantasy tours. The tour was 8 hours but we saw the entire island with a history lesson on its development. I recommend this if you love history or just want to see the whole island. There is a two hour lunch break at Baby Beach. This beach is a must see. The water is known for its 7 shades of blue. Ladies this and Flamingo beach is where you will get your IG pics! 

We took a submarine to the bottom of the ocean. This is for my daredevils. It was scary but fun! 2 hours of seeing the deep blue sea.

Let’s talk food. Gotta give you the best places to eat. You have to have dinner at L.G. Smith’s Steak and Chophouse. It’s rated the #1 restaurant in Aruba. Make sure to make reservations in the lobby for this restaurant preferably the day before. Aquarius inside the Renaissance Marina is great for breakfast. It has a big selection of food. Papagaya is also good for breakfast and you have an ocean view. Lunch I recommend at the Renaissance Marina lobby/pool. The burger and rum punch is where it’s at! Off resort I recommend Little Italy. It has fresh Italian and we even got serenaded. Make a reservation there too. 

You will need to book a covid test the day before leaving. The guests of the Renaissance have access to this but there is a fee. The results come same day and you can print it at the business center.

Make sure to pack your patience for the Aruba airport. You have todrop your bags off go through security and customs, pick up your bags up, drop them off again, go through security again and then you can go to your gate. Anything you purchase over $800 is taxed. Just a heads up. 

Our travel agent Natalie is wonderful you can find her instagram @getawaytoremember.

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Black Owned Business Shoutout: Semeria’s Crochet Atelier

Semeria’s Crochet Atelier is owned by Dr. Devin Cooper and mother Somulra Ball. I met Dr. Cooper 15 years ago in college and it’s been great to see her achieve her professional dreams and pursue her passion on the side.

Dr. Cooper started crocheting at 10 years old. She would make scarves and hats to help with college expenses. During the pandemic Dr. Cooper and her mom used their downtime to start their business. It was dream of her mother’s to sell her crochet designs. Semeria’s Crochet Atelier, LLC was born in November 2020. Semeria was chosen due to it being Devin’s middle name and it’s a derivative of her mom’s name Somulra. Since her mother taught her to sew and is her business partner the name is perfect.

Semeria’s crochet atelier’s homemade products include pillows, bucket hats, headbands, cup cozies, dresses, cowls and more. I recently bought some crocheted plant baskets and they exceeded my expectations. Check out this black owned business for your crochet needs! I am so excited to see this business continue to grow.

Connect with them on facebook and instagram or go directly to their website!

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Black Owned Business Shoutout: Sneaker Asylum

I recently went to Sneaker Asylum for their block party. I had a great time and wanted to share my experience. The store is located in Conyers, GA. Here are 3 things that made my experience great.

Great customer service. I want to start with the fact that the customer service was beyond amazing. I was greeted at the door. I went by myself so this greeting was extra special to me. Once I entered everyone said hello and an employee came to ask what I needed. He gave me the shoes I asked for and even showed me some special features about them. Checking out was easy and all my questions were answered. I will definitely be going back sooner than later. At the block party they were even cleaning customer’s shoes on their feet. How much better can it get?

Great products. I’ve been on the store website for months and even got my husband to get me a shirt from his recent visit. I knew exactly what I wanted when I got there. The apparel and shoes are so cute and there’s something for everyone. I saw backpacks, bags, shirts, hoodies, jackets, socks, compression socks, hats, and more. My favorite items are the Icon shirts. One of the shirts is pictured below. I will probably have them all soon.

Great vibe. The motto is “more than a sneaker” and it’s so spot on. The artwork on the walls is so detailed. It’s so Alanta. The paintings include the Atlanta skyline, the pink traphouse, 285, the Fox theatre and more. There are so black owned business represented within the store. My husband, friends and I love the store and I know you will tool.

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