High quality H2O

Water is one of the best thing for your hair. I watched a natural hair blogger talk about this and it changed the game for me. We pay so much money on products (me included I’m a product junkie for sure) but we have the best product for free.  Everything in our body is made up of cells. Cells need hydration so if your body is dehydrated you’re not giving your hair what it needs. Water is 1/4th the weight of a strand of hair. Dehydrated hair will not grow. The amount of water you need is based on your weight. The “8 glasses a day” is for a person with a normal body mass index. Some of us need much more to stay hydrated. If your hair strands don’t have enough water there will not be enough healthy hair to replace the strands that you strand and your hair can thin. We lose approximately 100 strands of hair per day so let’s do our part to give our hair what it needs to replace those strands.

We’ve covered internal benefits of drinking water but putting water on your hair is important too. Just as we water plants we have to water our hair. Spritz your hair with water to help hydrate it. Cold water is known to be better than hot. Cold water helps seal in moisture. Especially for colored and bleached hair. Cold water on hair can improve shine, reduce frizz and dandruff. Get a good water bottle. I recommend a mist spray bottle like the one pictured above. They can run around $13 but its worth it.

Hope this helps someone.


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My First Blog Post


The idea from Curl Friends Forever came from lots of conversations about hair with my friend Toi. I would see all these beautiful girls being featured on the popular natural hair websites but my friends and I weren’t featured so I wanted to create a space to share my love for curls and natural hair with my friends and family. My dream is to help women achieve their hair goals.

Life is about finding what makes you happy and talking about anything hair related makes me light up. I want this blog to serve as an outlet for me and as an area to post information that I think would be helpful to women on their natural hair journey.

I went natural in 2011. My friend Dr. Shayla Browner was natural and suggested it to me. With MUCH hesitation I tried it out and never looked back. It was a life changing decision for the better. When I was in dental school I had a few friends that wore their natural curls and I had never really worn mine so I started to try. Those wash and go’s were TRAGIC. With time, repetitions, practice and money to buy quality products they got better. That process made me fall in love with curls. There can be joy during a process (I feel like i just watched a sermon on this lol).

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This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.