Black Owned Business Shoutout: Semeria’s Crochet Atelier

Semeria’s Crochet Atelier is owned by Dr. Devin Cooper and mother Somulra Ball. I met Dr. Cooper 15 years ago in college and it’s been great to see her achieve her professional dreams and pursue her passion on the side.

Dr. Cooper started crocheting at 10 years old. She would make scarves and hats to help with college expenses. During the pandemic Dr. Cooper and her mom used their downtime to start their business. It was dream of her mother’s to sell her crochet designs. Semeria’s Crochet Atelier, LLC was born in November 2020. Semeria was chosen due to it being Devin’s middle name and it’s a derivative of her mom’s name Somulra. Since her mother taught her to sew and is her business partner the name is perfect.

Semeria’s crochet atelier’s homemade products include pillows, bucket hats, headbands, cup cozies, dresses, cowls and more. I recently bought some crocheted plant baskets and they exceeded my expectations. Check out this black owned business for your crochet needs! I am so excited to see this business continue to grow.

Connect with them on facebook and instagram or go directly to their website!

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