How I turned my Louis Vuitton shopping bag into a bag to carry

I first saw a Louis Vuitton shopping bag turned into a carrying bag on Tiktok! I saw it again on TheShadeRoom. By no means did I come up with this idea but I do want to share how easy it is. Don’t throw away your bags you can buy a $50 kit from and make an additional bag. Here are 3 easy steps. If you click the underlined text I’ve linked everything here to make it easy for you.

  1. Measure your shopping bag with a tape measure. This step is the most important. Accurate measurements will make this project go smoothly. I could not find the accurate size for my bag so I had to improvise. You’ll measure length, width and height. Order your kit!
  2. The directions are very easy. You cut the blue straps, put the bag in the clear bag and start adding the new straps per the step by step instructions.
  3. You can buy scarves to add a little razzle dazzle to your bag.

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