My Review of the Flawless by Gabrielle Union CURLBOX

The Flawless by Gabrielle Union CURLBOX came with 3 minute restoring conditioner, detangling leave-in conditioner, scalp soothing tonic, hydrating curl refresher spray, and defining curl creme. When they announced this box I knew I had to get it! My stylist Chelsea used these products on me and styled my hair in two strand twists.

The 3 minute restoring conditioner is infused with brazilian bacuri butter and castor oil seed. The smell is divine. It reminds me of a body spray that if I smelled it on someone I would want to buy. The instructions are simple. Apply for 3 minutes and wash out. My hair felt soft and hydrated. It was the bacuri butter that drew our attention. Bacuri butter is taken from seeds of a bacuri tree. Bacuri butter reaches deep into the hair cortex helping with hair shine, helps prevent split ends, helps reduce frizz, stimulates scalp for growth, and helps decrease dandruff. Needless to say I would buy and recommend this conditioner.

The leave-in also contains bacuri butter and other oils with the same great scent. These are a great pair because you can use the leave-in when you can’t deep condition. I recommend using leave-in daily. It comes in a spray bottle which makes it easy to spray and go.

The soothing scalp tonic was designed for protective styles. It has a nozzle so you can literally just squirt it in between your parts. We all know how itchy some styles can be. This tonic has aloe and peppermint which are both cooling ingredients.

The hydrating curl refresher spray is good for waking your curls up. It has moringa oil, lilac and bacuri oil. Moringa oil was another ingredient I was unfamiliar with. This oil nourishes the scalp to decrease dryness from the source.

The defining curl cream is infused with with shea butter, rice oil, and lilac. My stylist used the curl creme to twist my hair and my twists came out perfectly

Overall I really enjoyed using this line. I feel that it is innovative and the price point is good. All of the products are $10 or less. These products are sold at sally’s, amazon, etc. My favorite thing is the smell and how hydrated my hair felt after using it. I also feel the creators researched the ingredients to give a product that will help nourish our hair. I have a reel of my stylist doing these twists on my instagram. For more of my product reviews follow this blog and for curly instagram content follow my page!

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