5 Reasons to Celebrate Shrinkage

Hey 4Evers, I know that shrinkage is no fun but I want to give some reasons to encourage you. Although we might not love the appearance of shrinkage it means that we have healthy hair. All the articles I’ve found on shrinkage explain how to combat it but I want to offer some reasons to celebrate!

  1. The more shrinkage you have the more natural your hair is. Natural hair is full of coils and curls and to change that we have apply heat or use other methods to stretch our hair so when we see shrinkage our hair is in its most natural state. Black hair can shrink up to 80%-90% of its length. It’s part of our black girl magic. So congratulations on your natural hair journey your shrinkage shows that your hard work is paying off.
  2. The more shrinkage you have means your hair is properly moisturized. It means your hair can retain moisture. It also means you are doing a good job with your regimen! When your hair is moisturized it will curl up. It’s just like a plant that isn’t getting the proper water and we know what happens in that situation. To help retain this moisture don’t forget to cover your hair in satin at night.
  3. Shrinkage is a sign of elasticity. The more elasticity the less prone the hair is to breaking and the stronger it is. In order to retain length breakage is just not an option and the elasticity or shrinkage will help prevent breakage.
  4. The more shrinkage you have the more likely your hair will revert back to its natural state after using moderate heat within reason. Use heat at your discretion but healthy curls will most likely return after heat is applied.
  5. Shrinkage makes our hair versatile. Imagine having hair that only could look one way. Changing up your look can be done in so many ways. Wash and go’s, twist outs, textured buns, wet looks etc. If your hair was permanently straight with no curls and coils these styles would not be possible. The volume that most of us love would not be attainable with straight hair.

I hope this helps someone embrace their shrinkage. If you need a community to vent to or see other women embracing their shrinkage feel free to join my facebook group or follow on instagram.


Curl Muva

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