5 Tips to Avoid Natural Hair Burnout

By Raeah Carroll

Every naturalista knows exactly what we mean when we say “natural hair burn out.” It’s that inevitable feeling of overwhelm, mixed with some “sick and tired” and a dash of “just cut it all off.” If this is you don’t worry, we have some tips that will help reignite your love for your natural curls.

Burnout happens for all of us at different times and for different reasons throughout the natural hair journey. Sometimes it’s the result of never ending wash day routines. Sometimes it’s the disappointment of one too many failed twist outs, and sometimes it’s simply the desire to switch things up. Either way, no matter what the cause of your burnout, we have 5 tips that will remind you why you decided to transition or big chop in the first place.

#1 Take a walk down memory lane. ​Taking a moment to look back on old pictures of yourself throughout your natural hair journey will spark feelings of nostalgia and remind you just how far your hair has come. Looking at your progress will help you not only appreciate your growth, it will serve as motivation to keep pushing to meet your hair goals. Being reminded of how much your hard work has paid off will make it a little easier to whip out the deep conditioner one more time.

#2 Go stalk your hair crush. ​There is something so powerful that comes from finding someone that optimizes your idea of #HairGoals. Seeing someone that has the volume, length, and healthy hair that you crave will not only motivate you to keep trudging along, it will remind you that what you desire for your hair is possible. Sometimes we get discouraged because our hair seems stuck at a certain length, or we can’t get past a particular issue that’s plaguing our hair such as breakage or dryness. Finding a good hair crush, someone with your same texture, will inspire you not to give up on your hair. Dig through their archive, look at their hair journey, see how much time and commitment paid off for them, and let that be a reminder that you can do this too.

#3 Try a new hair treatment or product. ​We all know the danger that can come from being a natural hair product junkie. One trip to the beauty supply can leave you missing hours of your life and hundreds of your hard earned dollars. There is absolutely no need to go broke for the sake of your natural hair, but trying a new product or treatment can be just the thing you need to make you look forward to wash day again. The internet is full of natural hair care treatments that will leave you and your hair feeling and inspired. Try our ​rose water detangler​ for an easy and effective way to use those old rose petals to pamper your curls.

#4 Get A Protective Style. ​Sometimes the best way to battle burnout is to leave your hair alone for a while. Having your curls tucked safely away under a wig or some box braids will give you enough time to take a break from the daily care of your hair. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that is also true for our hair. A couple of weeks of protective styles will have you missing your curls and begging for the chance to see them again.

#5 Wrap it up! Similar to the idea of a protective style, putting your hair away under a scarf or hat can help you feel less overwhelmed with the idea of your natural hair. Feeling that you have to style your hair every time you leave the house can become daunting. Remembering that you can accessorize with a headwrap or hat can return you to a sense of freedom and allow you to cut your getting ready time in half. You can even match your headwrap with your mask like​ this​ curlfriend.

So there you have it, 5 ways to avoid natural hair burn out. For more natural hair tips, tricks, and secrets ​subscribe​ to our blog and follow ​@curlfriendsforver on Instagram ​.

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