Ideas to reach your hair goals while social distancing

Since we are all stuck in the house it’s a great time to work on some of our goals including hair goals. If growth or increased hair is one of your goals shoot for low manipulation or protective styles. Youtube university has so many tutorials I’m sure it has something that will teach you a beautiful style. Definitely keep your hands out of your hair if you can. Give yourself a scalp massage while binging your favorite shows.

Try new things. Try some new products that you haven’t tried. Sometimes just switching up products can help. Your hair can get used to products. Now that your lifestyle has possibly changed with being more inside than outside or being more active your hair may require different things. If your go to product isn’t giving you your ideal outcome now is a good time to try something different product because if you don’t like it nobody has to see it (lol). The season has also changed and your scalp needs different things.

Experiment with making your own products. Pinterest has so many recipes you can try or you can find your inner Annie Malone or Madam CJ Walker and create your own recipe ideas. I have recently been trying to make rice oil. My first attempt didn’t come out right but I have time to keep trying.

If you want to grow out your edges put castor oil on them daily and don’t brush them or pull on them. When I lost my edges I would literally put castor oil on them and pray daily while taking a hair growth vitamin.

This is a good time to plan out your hair year. For instance I get a press and trim twice a year so I already know a tentative date for when these will be. I get protective styles once every other month usually so I can plan these out. This way I’m able to budget and have an idea of what I will be doing with my hair. You want to let your hair breathe between protective styles so you can plan these breaks.

If you’re a product junkie consider selling or swapping some products that you no longer want. This is a great way to create space for more products or just declutter and make some coins.

Last but not least, wash those silk pillowcases and bonnets. You have the time now (lol).

Stay safe and well.

Love, Curl Muva

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