You don’t have to spend a bag to be natural. My favorite must haves for under $5.

A lot of the times when I think of products I think of spending lots of money but it can be done on a budget. Yes there are some things that you are going to be expensive but overall you can have healthy hair for a reasonable price. This post was inspired because I was talking to my cousin Tiora and she was talking about transitioning back to natural hair and I told her that my favorite natural hair products that give me the BEST curls are less than $5 a bottle.

Aussie Miracle Curls has everything you need for healthy curly hair and each container/bottle is $5 or less. This blew me away because when I found out about them I was paying $22-$28 per bottle for products to curl my hair. The best place to get these products is Walmart. Sometimes they are marked down to $2.97. I use the co-wash, shampoo, deep conditioner, conditioner, creme pudding, frizz tamer, everything really. It gives the hair definition with no flake. They have everything you need to keep your hair healthy. If you look up aussie miracle curls on youtube there are tons of reviews on different types of hair so you can see the possible outcome on your hair. If this line doesn’t work well for your hair keep looking I’m sure you can find a line that works within your budget.

Here are a few other hacks that I use regularly that are free/inexpensive. Water is the best conditioner. I put water on my hair and ends daily to add moisture. A plastic grocery bag can be used for deep conditioning. Target has silk pillowcases for $12.99. I suggest a daily hair growth vitamin but if that’s not in the budget fruits and vegetables will give your body the same nutrients. While at the store grab your bag of rice for your rice water. My favorite affordable edge control is edge booster. The small container is less than $5 and it goes a long way. Wild growth hair oil is between $6-$8 and it lasts for a long time.

I get a lot of products at the Taaliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show. They have products for half the price that they are in the stores. They also give out a lot of samples that can be used to try products and for travel.

The internet is a good resource. I’ve won hundreds of dollars worth of products from instagram giveaways. If you need help finding giveaways DM me @curlfriendsforever and I will tag you in them. Youtube is a free outlet for teaching you how to do different styles and take care of your natural hair. It’s also good for reading reviews before purchasing.

I do invest in hydration treatments and trims because I’m not comfortable doing those things myself. I also invest in protective styles although one of these days I want to start doing those myself.

Let me know your favorite affordable products in the comments!

I hope this helps someone,


Curl Muva

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