The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on rice water

By now you’ve probably at least heard about rice water but I want to go into some detail. For starters rice water isn’t new it’s just new to us. Rice water was used in the ancient eastern cultures of Japan and China for beauty. Rice water contains 8 amino acids that encourage hair growth as well as vitamin B, C and E.

The good is that aside from growing hair it has many other beneficial uses. Rice water adds shine to hair and reduces dandruff. It can help tighten and minimize pores for beautiful skin. Rice water also contains inositol which helps prevent hair breakage.

The bad is that it does take preparation which can deter use. The preparation isn’t hard but it does take pre-planning. I usually pour my rice in water in a closed container 2 days before I use it. It’s easy to forget to do it and by the time wash day approaches it’s too late to ferment the rice. There’s another method that you can do the day of which is boiling the rice but I prefer the fermented rice. Another bad part is that some people report that it does nothing for their hair. If you look it up on youtube you’ll see a list of bloggers that report it didn’t grow their hair. My suggestion is to try it for at least 3 months to give it time to make a change. Consistency is the key.

The ugly is that the fermented rice smells really bad. Like terribly bad but it is fermented rice. You’ll need to dilute the the rice water after you strain it and that will help with the smell. I also suggest having a bottle with a top on it. After shampooing is the time to rinse your hair with the rice water. Use cool water to rinse.

I’ve had great results with rice water and it will be in my regime for as many wash days as I can remember to prepare it. My steps are :

Pour the water and rice into a container and put the lid on it.

Let it sit for at least two days.



Rinse hair with rice water after shampooing.

I hope you give it a try and let me know how it works for you.


Curl Muva


  1. Patrece says:

    How much rice do I need to use?


    1. Tenecia Hall says:

      I use the whole bag. I pour the whole bag in a container add water. Cover and let ferment for at least two days. Strain. Dilute with water and rinse my hair with it after shampoo. Then I condition my hair.


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