My hair growth routine

Every queen has different hair and hair growth patterns but I’d love to share what my routine is. I still remember back in 2012 when I reached out to my sorority sister Shakeena and asked her for her hair routine. She in detail shared with me what she does to grow her hair and she is and forever will be my HairBae. Since then I have created a routine that works for me and I hope that it helps you.

The keys are moisture, low manipulation, regular trims, and supplements/diet.

Deep conditioning (moisture) once a week will greatly help your hair grow. The extra moisture will help with elasticity and make your hair less likely to break. Moisturized hair is also easier to manage. If I have time I will put my deep conditioner on and let it stay in my hair all day. If I’m in a rush I will put the deep conditioner on use a thermal cap to heat it up. If you need info for a thermal cap message me and I’ll send it to you. I’m not above a good ol grocery bag and dryer either lol.

Low manipulation and low heat will also help. The less times you pull on your hair, comb, or brush it. To be honest during work weeks my hair is in a bun so that ends put up and less likely to break. Overuse of flat irons and curling irons can lead to brittle split ends that won’t grow. Using indirect heat for heating deep conditioners is ok because it encourages blood flow to scalp and help the conditioner penetrate the hair.

Frequent trims are important for healthy long hair. Trims allow you to get rid split damaged ends. I would like to get trimmed every 3 months but for the past few years I’ve gotten trimmed twice a year. A big part of this is being comfortable with who trims your hair. Ive heard of trimming horror stories where what you ask for and what you get are totally different. Unfortunately it takes time to find the right person to do your hair the way you’re comfortable.

Supplements and diet are often overlooked. I recommend a daily hair growth vitamin. With the daily grind you may not always be getting the nutrients your body needs to help with hair growth. Diet is important. Fruits and vegetables along with foods with vitamins A, C, E omega 3 will help supply hair with the nutrients it needs. Since hair is made of protein ensuring that protein is in your diet is pivotal.

Something new I’ve added is rice water. It works well for my hair. I put the rice and let it ferment for about two days. Once it ferments I strain it and use it after shampooing. It smells terrible but I’ve noticed growth since I started using it.

If you have problems with your hair tangling or knotting I recommend you pre-poo before washing. Tangles can lead to breakage because you’re having to pull out hair to detangle. I section my hair into four section, detangle each section, and twist each section with coconut oil.

Wild growth hair oil in the green and white bottle works well for my hair. Only use 3 times per week.

If you have any questions I’d love to answer them. I’m still learning as I go. My goal is waist length hair. I have about 2 inches to go.

With any routine consistency is key and patience is a virtue the picture below has 6 years between them.


Curl, Muva

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