Review of PATTERN Leave-In Conditioner

I was literally the first person at Ulta the day they put it on the shelves at their stores. The packaging is beautiful. The feel of the bottle is so soft and smooth. The sales associate at Ulta was even blown away by the packaging. The price is expensive compared to other leave-ins. The smell is very timid it’s not the usual strong berry smell. It smells like light scented soap. I recommend smelling it in the store before purchasing. I like the smell but I know some like a strong scent.

It’s water based and water is the first product listed. That part I love. Some of the other ingredients that caught my attention are melaleuca oil, avocado oil, honey, and biotin. There are a lot of good oils in this product which could be driving the cost. I love how light my hair feels after using it. It refreshes my curls and adds much needed moisture back into my hair. It’s a great product to apply daily. A little goes a long way.

My favorite thing about the product is that it has a light hold and little to no flake. When I use this product I don’t have to use edge control. That is a win! I like products that are all in one.

This product is bun and twist-out approved. The only other style I want to try with it is a wash and go. When I try it I’ll post the results on the Curl friends forever instagram page @curlfriendsforever. Ive seen one YouTuber try it on a wash and go and the results came out cute.

Overall, this is a good leave in. It’s giving my favorite leave-in some competition. I recommend getting the travel size to start with to try. It’s $9 or so. If you love it and want to buy the full size the travel size bottle is refillable so you can always use it. I probably will keep a travel size bottle in my stash.


Curl Muva

My attempt at recreating auntie’s picture.

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