CURLFEST ATL: Why you and your Curlfriends should attend next year.

Curlfest ATL was a VIBE. Words won’t do the amazing experience justice but I will try to paint the picture. We arrived a little before the festival started. That gave us time to really see all of the Queens with their fros out, hair jewelry, hair clips, flowers, and cute outfits. Once we arrived in the festival we saw the gift bag table and immediately went to grab our bags. The bags were filled with samples from brands like Aunt Jackie’s, DevaCurl, Creme of Nature, Shea Moisture, Puff Cuff and so much more. After getting our bag we received a CURLFEST blanket which was perfect because there was lawn area for you to sit and enjoy the festival.

After getting all these goodies it was time to decide where to go first. There was a small line by the CURLFEST sign so we decided to take pictures by the sign. I’m so glad we did because from then on that line stayed long. Go there first!! Creme of Nature had a small line so that was the next stop. They are always generous with their samples they gave out a bag and nice samples. From there we went to the Target beauty booth. This was probably the cutest display. It was set up like an actual beauty store with a gorgeous photo op upon entry. One of my favorite product displays inside of the beauty bar was the Lip Bar display. You could test the products in a mirror and decide which things you like.

Aunt Jackie’s was our next stop their set up was dope. They had the best games for winning prizes. I would a cute Aunt Jackie’s logo toiletry bag playing the game Pinko. My friend Toi won a product by doing their Curl Crawl. She got harnessed and dropped into a pit filled with labeled boxes. She picked the correctly labeled box and won the exact product she wanted. The line was long but luckily the bar was right next to their area and a Razz-a-Rita was able to cool me down (lol).

It was then time for my photography session with Neosha Gardner. She was so great to work with and captured me perfectly. If you plan to go next I definitely recommend having a photographer just for some dope memories if nothing else.

Eco SHOWED out honey. They had full size jars of their eco unicorn glitter gel 2 for $5.

Kinkistry had the best photo booth. Their booth allowed you to take a picture, make a boomerang and a gif.

There was a DJ that kept the vibe going. One of my favorite moments was this young queen dancing to “Brown Skin Girl” by Beyonce with her dad hyping her up and the founder’s of CURLFEST dancing along with her. There is a video of it on the Curl Friends Forever instagram that is definitely a must see. It was one of those moments that was a tear jerker. That black girl joy is the joy that we all had being at that park with our curl friends celebrating black beauty. I also saw parents bringing their curly daughters so they can see that their hair is gorgeous.

The festival definitely brought people and their money to the area which is always a positive thing. It was extremely hot so I recommend you bring an umbrella, a handheld fan, ice water, shades and wear cool clothes. Overall I had a blast and recommend all curly men and women attend the event next year so we can keep it coming back.

See you at CURLFEST next year,

Curl Muva


  1. Teki says:

    I hadn’t truly considered going before, but I think this might be a good event to go to with my “curl friends”.


    1. Tenecia Hall says:

      Next year you have to come!


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