Aloe Pre-poo

Pre-pooing will change your wash day in an amazing way. If you don’t pre-poo I want to encourage you to do so with this post and tell you about the new way I pre-poo.

What is pre-pooing? Its a pre-treatment. It’s detangling your hair and adding moisture before shampooing. A while back everyone was scared to over shampoo. Shampooing too much can strip your hair of its natural oils but pre-pooing helps combat this. Pre-pooing also helps with detangling. If you are losing more hair than you think you should be losing add pre-pooing to your wash day.

How do I pre-poo? Originally I would divide my hair into 4 sections, detangle each section, add coconut oil to each section and twist those sections up. This allows moisture to lock into my hair. I would try to do this the night before washing.

Aloe pre-poo is AMAZING. Publix was having a sale on aloe and we got some extra. We use it on my son’s eczema but since there was extra I wanted to try it on my hair. I had seen a few other naturals using it and here was my time to try it out. I cut it open, divided my hair into the four sections and applied the aloe. My curls instantly popped. I will post a picture of it below and there will be a video of this process on my instagram. When my curls came to life like that I knew this was my new way to pre-poo!

Instagram: @curlfriendsforever


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